Monday, August 30, 2010

The Chronicles of One Man's Journey to Create a Damascus Viking Sword

This is one of my favourite sword making topics. The man creates billets of layered damascus, forges and twists them into rods, to create his sword.

Read about the whole thread HERE!
It's a really exciting journey. Be sure to read the whole topic- the smith posts all the way to end! He even links to some videos of his process of sword making.

A couple things I'd like to mention:
  1. I am a knife maker. I am not a blacksmith. I use a forge, but I do not hammer steel into shape. That's something I'll eventually do, but at this time I don't even have an anvil to do this on. What I do is buy the steel in 18" long segments, and I grind away stock using a belt grinder. I may heat part of the steel and hammer it a bit to give it a curve, if it's needed, but this is the extend of my "smithing."
  2. I am checking up on all my followers, at least every other day! I may not always leave a comment, but I assure you I am here, and I am paying attention! Some of you have really interesting things to tell the world, and I am all ears.
  3. If you want to know more about knife making, feel free to sign up for that forums I posted. They're all very friendly people, and more than happy to help out beginners! And you can always email me at, too. This is the kind of hobby that benefits from as many practitioners as possible, so have at it!
Edit: >A couple things I'd liek to mention
        >Three things
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  2. this seems a lot more hardcore than my reloading my own shotgun shells

  3. what are you going to do for the hilt? Are you going to weld it on or make make it pre-attached, or make a bracket hole, and use a pin? I'm interested to know because I know a hole and pin used to be the fashion but welding is just so easy and stronger.

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  11. Damascus steel was supposed to be god-tier stuff.
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