Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Busy busy morning.

Haven't slept since the last post. I keep odd hours- wake up at 5pm, head to bed around 1pm. It varies.
Anyway, it's nice out this morning, seen here:
I figured I may as well get the quench of my second blade out of the way while I can. I don't know what the weather's supposed to be like today, and by golly I am too lazy to look it up. Yes yes, I'm at a computer already, SPARE ME YOUR LOGIC.
I've got the forge going right now, blade's already in. While I'm waiting for the steel to reach the critical temp (this is determined either by color [unrecommended, inaccurate, and unreliable,] or testing it with a magnet- steel demagnetizes at critical temp,) I'm drafting poorly drawn designs for my next two blades on graph paper. Depending on the size of the blades, there might only be one from this piece of steel.
Regardless, I'll draw up a few designs, try to get them scanned in, and I'll let you (and a few other sites) vote on which design to go with.
I'll take some short video here and there of the grinding process, more than likely. Remember that I'm still extremely new (this next knife will only be my third ever 'made,') and that I'm not used to talking on camera. As such, expect a shaky voice and stuttering.


  1. i spent all my time in front of my computer :'(
    be sure of you !! (or proud)

  2. you should make a big ass sword