Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oh God I am a dick

Okay, so... "I'm back in the game!"


Seriously now, though! I've got the steel the blah blah blah and an idea. I got the cement I needed, and I have an angle grinder (which will allow me to cut the steel oh-so-much faster than before.)
The angle grinder will also allow me to cut the steel closer to the blade shape, meaning less wasted steel, less wear on my belts, and over-all a better work experience. Later on, once I've an anvil, I'll be able to melt down the refuse into ingots and use them for forging.
In fact, this morning I may very well record myself doing some work. I'm juuuust a little hesitant though- my brother bought me a Vado HD to use. So... I don't know, I guess it's up to the five of you that actually read this.
Do I get to work now, using the current video quality and youtube? Or do I wait for the new camera and record in GRIORIOUS 720P?


  1. Good to see you back!
    And about the video, it'd be cool to see it sooner, but if you'd rather wait then that's cool too. You're the one doing the work!

  2. Well, how about instead of making the short swor- er, other thing, I just make something else in the mean time? I'm itchin' to try out this 1095 steel, you guys!

  3. Haha up to you. And yeah, was wondering where you disappeared to again! :P